Twilight 12K

May 31, 2013 – One of my favorite Anchorage races ~
Skinny Raven Twilight 12K & 6K
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Last year my husband pushed both the girls in the double stroller. After that race, I told him that the following year, we would each push singles and see who wins! That brings us to this years race day!

I also had the pleasure this year to run with some great friends!

This is one of my favorite race courses and once again the weather was great.

I finished strong but not strong enough to beat my hubby and oldest daughter.

Last year I finished 1:03:43 and that was not pushing any stroller. I was happy finishing at 1:01:27 this year with the single.
Jay finished 59:28. I will have to try harder next year.
We did enjoy some cold pizza but skipped on the beer – it was getting chilly and the girls were ready to go. Till next year.


Gold Nugget Triathlon


MAY 19, 2013
Time has come and gone already for my 2nd Gold Nugget Triathlon! It was another year of speedy registration and hoping I was fast enough to be a lucky contender in the triathlon with hundreds of awesome women. Those women attending the event would be required to swim 500 yards in a pool, bike 12 miles and run 4.1 miles to complete the sprint triathlon. We had a late snowfall the weekend before the GNT and it wasn’t decided until the morning of the event, if all portions of the event would be up and running. Luckily, Sunday the 19th, was a sunny and beautiful day – and warm enough it didn’t require pants on the bike.

I had the girls re-paint the bike stand from last year (but it ended up looking brownish).

My setup on Saturday night –

I and a few of my friends were all late starters – which meant we could carpool and start the race together!

I went into the medium speed swim lanes and was able to pass the ladies in my circle a couple times. I was very unsure how the swim would go for me because the last time I had been in the pool – was the last GNT. I was currenlty training for a marathon, so I didn’t put much training into the swim or bike portion of the race. Somehow, without training, I was able to beat my swim time from last year. I also swim with my head above water 🙂

Off to the sea of bikes!


Biking is not my favorite, so after about 6 miles, I was ready to be DONE. I got warm on the bike so at T2, I dropped my helmet, gloves, coat, but forgot to take off my bike shorts (I had my running shorts underneath).

A strong finish at 1:43:52.

It’s always rewarding to have my girls at the finish and for them to watch me compete!

And my friends!

Such a fun event and the sprint distances are perfect for me! Can’t wait till next year 🙂


My finishing times:

Last year my time was 1:43:11 – how crazy is that. Maybe next year I can train harder and beat both times!


Sassy Sprockets – Bike for Women


Last Sunday, May 5, 2013 was the Bike for Women. This was my 2nd year participating and the event is limited to 700 entries but there was just over 500 that actually rode. I really like this event for many reasons: it’s an all womens event, it’s only 9 miles, its in Chugiak (which is super close to home), it’s a triple patch event, and we were able to sign up as a group.


Our team, SASSY SPROCKETS, started around 11am and we went every 20 seconds. Some of us had rode bikes and others had our trusty ol’ mountain bikes..and some were on there last ride!


I finished 247 of 557 overall, with a time of 37:57.1 and 27 of 51 in my age group. I was happy with that time and especially, since riding bikes is not my favorite sport! This is the only bike “race” I have ever signed up for and who knows if I will enjoy riding more for competition.

I did end up with a pretty good finishing picture!


Alaska Heart Run 2013 – 5K


We started out this beautiful Saturday morning with a 5K….


This was our first time running in the Alaska Heart Run and it was super fun! As usual, I started out the morning with some almond butter and banana on some Dave’s Killer Bread! I did end up eating more than I had planned since I finished my youngest daughters toast and a few more bites of banana. As we were driving to the event, I kept saying..I ate too much and wasn’t sure how the run was going to go.

On our drive in we saw a mama moose with her two babies walking the JBER fence and on the way home we saw a moose crossing the inbound highway, hopefully it got to its destination safely.

Knowing this was going to be a huge event, we borrowed a single stroller so that my husband and I could each run with a single. It was much easier to squeeze through the crowd with a single. The downfall of running with a stroller in these large populated events is that they make you start in the back. we were lined up behind the 10 minute/mile folks in the stroller section. That meant that it took us all of 2 minutes to reach the starting line when the race started. I completely understand this is a family event and that some strollers are disrespectful or slow but I really wish they had an option for those pushing a stroller who still keep a decent pace.

It took at least 1/2 mile for the crowd to thin out and allow us to begin to maneuver around runners/walkers and keep a decent pace. I was proud of myself that I was able to stay in front of my husband for the most part and it wasn’t until the end that he passed me up – only to finish a few seconds ahead of me. It was a great course and so much fun!

On the last 1/2 mile there was a dad and his boys running and I heard the dad say, “one more stroller, we passed one, come on.” They boys were certainly younger, giving it everything they had, but I am happy to say I did pass them up when it came down to the finish.

I had no idea that we did so well on this race, fantastic really! I would have to say, it is probably our best time with pushing a stroller. I am still really happy with the outcome.


Currently the Heart Run has raised more than $232,000 to benefit the American Heart Association.

Next race is the Bike for Women!

Happy Running


32 mile week!


Highest mileage in one week EVER!  It was a great running week, with all runs going smoothly – even the 15 miles.  On Saturday, I was able to run with my husband (while a friend watched our girls) and we got to run outside in the amazing-beautiful-bright sun!!!!!  I haven’t run outside in a while and it was just perfect!  A few icy/snowy spots on the Glenn Trail but other than that, it was nice and clear.


I stopped by REI on Friday and picked up some hydration belts, I grabbed the ones that were recommended by the salesman and they worked great!  I was a little unsure of how the velcro and snap-in bottles would be as well as the water sloshing around.  I was very happy with how it felt, how the bottles snapped right in (just a little trouble getting them out).  We grabbed a few other energy gels and tried some electrolyte tablets.  We had one bottle with our electrolyte and the other with the water.  We kept a good pace and ended with 2 hours 17 minutes.  I felt like I did good staying hydrated but no matter how hard I try – I always have to go to the bathroom by mile 2–is this just a mom thing?!


Feeling good after my longest run ever – 15 miles had nothing on me!  I was certainly sore but we walked it out, had our protein/sugar right after, took a nap and made it through the rest of the day!  Our Tu and Wed run this week – we will be increasing 1 mile.

Friday night was the silent auction at UAA.


Sadly, it did not go as any TNT member had planned 😦  It was a fun night though and I was able to get rid of a few items and made about $115.  I was hoping for more but there was not as many in attendance as originally planned.


Here are the current headband colors.  This will be my last order of ribbon so, when they are gone, they are gone!  So far, they have been a huge hit for those that have bought one and I thank you 🙂  If you want to order one, please head over here: make your donation and let me know if the comments which one you want and I will mail them to you!

I am looking forward to this weeks running schedule and I hope on Tuesday…if the weather cooperates, I will be loading up the girls and pushing them for the 4 miles!

On another note – we got our assigned BIB #’s for the Gold Nugget Triathlon on May 19 and I am #1303 (last year I was #404).  This means I will be starting a little later in the day than I had planned but that’s okay.  I was stoked to get in and registered 🙂

Thanks for reading,

~Brandy – running in honor of you, Grandpa!

Starting to increase midweek run!

This weeks running mileage was 24!  We are starting to bump up Wednesday mileage to 7 from 3 and Thursday 3 to 4 miles.  Every two weeks we will increase another mile and our long run this week was scaled back to 10 miles…completely doable on the treadmill.  I am hoping that from now on, we can begin our long runs outside (if I can find someone to watch girls) because next week we are up to 15 miles….crazy.  I remember when I thought 13.1 was ridiculous.

This past Saturday, I attended the Spring Fling for Women at the Egan Center in Anchorage with the TNT.  They had a LLS table set up and volunteers were allowed to take things to sell and try to fundraise.  I volunteered for the 10-2 shift, thinking my headbands would be a huge hit..NOPE!  The doors opened at 10a and our table was on the lower level in the back corner, so we didn’t get much activity compared to upstairs – plus, it was FREEZING and we were between kidney testing and other blood testing areas…not the most popular.  I was able to sell one headband to a fellow TNT member 🙂


Hoping for better results on Friday.  This is the silent action that TNT is hosting and I am super excited with some of the donations I received.

photo (13)

A gift certificate for 2 kids at Anchorage’s new Kaleidoscape.


A beautiful Christmas themed table runner donated and made by my Aunt!


Infant hats hand-made by a friend and owner of Lexie Loops.


I then went and got some flannel material and made some flannel fringed blankets to go with the hats!


My sewing isn’t perfect but I thought they turned out cute and I hope that someone will want the sets!


A laptop case from my friend, Kristina Dick, checkout her website over at Thirty-One!


I will also be throwing in this Thirty-One pop cross purse with the laptop case!


A family photo session with Alyssia at Griffin Family Photography!


A $100 gift certificate for Feather Skin & Body Studio.

I will also be throwing in a couple of headbands!

I think I was able to gather some really good donations for this silent auction and I want to send them a THANK YOU for being so generous to help me & LLS out.

Also, I had an anonymous donation…WOW, THANK YOU!

As always, head over to my Team in Training page to make your donation 🙂

Thanks for reading,

~Brandy – running in honor of you, Grandpa!

13 miles…no medal

I am making up for two weeks on this post.  Last weekend was Easter weekend and it was a busy one.  I did manage to get in my 12 mile run on Friday, which didn’t go well.  I took a spin class with friends on Thursday night – so my legs were sore from mile 1.  I also jumped the gun and started running to soon after lunch – so I was running through some cramps but I got it done.

This is what the last couple weeks looked like.  The 19 on Thursday includes my spin class and I know I went about 16 miles but I also forgot to turn it on for awhile…not an experienced spinner and not to self:  never take a sporadic spin class the day before a long run.


This week I was running through some ankle pain that I have never had before and some minor hip and knee pains.  In the end, I ran my 13 miles today on the treadmill… a winter storm decided to come Friday night and dump some snow on us, it’s Sunday and still trying to snow.

I measured about 7″ on our deck.  Dark picture but you get the point.


I also experimented with some different energy gels today.  I tried out the Stinger energy gel and I liked it so much better than the regular GU.  We also picked up some shot blocks, stinger waffle and sports beans but haven’t tried them yet.   My husband and I have just been stuck on the GU for no specific reason except we had tried it and just didn’t experiment with others.

I am still collecting in-kind donations from businesses to help me reach my fundraising goal.  Currently, I have a donation from Kaleidoscape, Lexie Loops, and Feather Skin & Body Studio.  I will be donating a couple of my spectacular non-slip headbands and making a couple of fleece blankets to go with the hats from Lexie Loops.  I am excited about this event which takes place at UAA on April 19.

On to the headbands and fundraising!  I am currently at $828 for my fundraising.  As always, a huge Thank YOU to all those who have donated and those that have purchased headbands to help me reach my goal.  I will be at the Spring Fling for Women this coming Saturday from 10-2 with other TNT members and we will have a table for LLS.  I will also be selling my headbands!


I have also ordered more colors/ribbon to make more!  I am so glad that they have been such a big hit 🙂  They have been flying out the door!

If you would like to make a donation, please go here:

Till next week.

Thanks for reading,

~Brandy – running in honor of you, Grandpa!